Increasing Number of Part-Time Working Men

Rob's career had always been successful and demanding. As a forensic accountant in Birmingham, he specialised in large scale corporate fraud and corruption, a career which took him to far flung corners of the world often at short notice.

His wife works for the same company and her job is just as demanding.

But with two small boys under five, the couple realised that something had to give.

"It was just proving too much of a challenge for us to keep both our careers progressing as they had been whilst also making sure we actually spent time with the boys."

It is a scenario that will sound familiar to many couples juggling work and family. But it was Rob who decided to cut his hours.

It seemed to make sense for me to move down to working part-time, to give me more time for the boys, let my wife continue with her career and allow more time for me to write."

Rob was the first full-time male in his department to seek part-time work.

"There definitely is a stigma, but I ignore it,"

"Certainly I have had a lot of raised eyebrows within the office from some of the more senior men in the organisation and I am sure there have been whispers about it. But it doesn't affect me at all as it is something I decided to do and my wife supports me."